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JUNGS: Go Kart (2G+)

Hier findest du alle bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen unserer Jugendgruppen und von der diverstiy Bar.

Go Kart (2G+)

  • diversity Jugendzentrum, Blumenstraße 11 80331 München
  • Friday, 26. November 2021 19:00 - Friday, 26. November 2021 23:00

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This Event is under 2G+ rule. Please bring additional a negative Test certificate with you!

On your marks, get, set, go!

After competing virtually in Mario Kart a few weeks ago, this Friday we will see who is the true karting pro. We will drive in Realife against each other. We will meet at 7pm at the Juz and then go to the Kartpalast (by car). Please come on time, because we will leave at 19:30.

The cost for this event is 30 € or 26 € (for people who have already paid their one-time registration fee at the Kartpalast).

Registration is required for this event. You can register here (https://events.diversity-muenchen.de/jungs/211126/)

We only have 8 spots available, so register quickly - the sooner, the better we can plan.