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AroSpAce: AroSpAce Secret Valentine

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AroSpAce Secret Valentine

  • diversity Jugendzentrum, Blumenstraße 11 80331 München
  • Tuesday, 14. February 2023 19:00

AroSpAce is a project for teens and young adults between 14 and 27, who identify themselves with the aromantic and/or the asexual spectrum (including Demi-, Grey-, etc.). If you identify with either or both of these spectra or are questioning you are very welcome to join our meetings.

Hello AroSpAce!

On February 14th, many people celebrate Valentine's Day. That's why we'll be doing a Secret Valentine game!Maybe you know Secret Santa, it basically works the same way:
Everyone who wants to participate can bring a little something to give as a gift, such as a card or chocolate. Who gives the gift to whom will be drawn by lot. Yet, the person getting the gift won't know who gave it to them. Of course, you can disclose this secret afterwards. :)
So: have a little valentine's sursprise with you if you want to participate!
Besides that you are free to chat with others and play cardboard games.We look forward to meeting you!
Your AroSpAce Team

Please follow our hygiene concept (in German). Unfortunately our youth centre is not accessible. Should you have accessibility needs, please write us at arospace[at]diversity-muenchen.de . Maybe we can find a solution.