Das Aufklärungsprojekt von diversity München

diversity@school – das sind queere Referent*innen, die ehrenamtlich Workshops für Jugendliche, junge Erwachsene und Multiplikator*innen durchführen sowie Infostände betreuen – zu den Themen sexuelle Orientierung und Geschlechtsidentität.

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We welcome your enquiries about workshops, information booths or other event formats via the contact form below.

When sending us your first message, please bear in mind that the following information is particularly important for us:

  • Which event format would you like for your institution?
  • Where and when would you like one or more dates?
  • Who are the participants?
  • How many people should take part in each event? (maximum class size!)
  • How much prior knowledge do the participants have?
  • Is there a specific reason for your wish for a workshop?
  • What is your function within your institution?

You are also welcome to contact us via the following contact details for workshops, information booths or other event dates as well as for project-related matters and information. You can contact us via the following contact details and via the contact form below.

diversity München e.V.
Queer Youth Organisation
Attn: diversity@school
Blumenstr. 11, 80331 Munich

Phone: 089 552 669 86 | Fax: 089 552 669 87

As we receive a lot of requests, we would like to ask you to contact us at least two months before the planned date.

If you have any questions, our employees will be happy to help you:


Simon Funk [he/his]

Team Assistance diversity@school

Phone: 089 55266986


Elena Winter [she/her]

Social Pedagogue B.A.

Phone: 089 55266986