Your first visit

Welcome to Wilma!

Do you have questions about us or a visit with us? Just look through our FAQs to get informed.

Your first visit

Our first times visiting the group have been exciting for each and every one of us! On this page you will find tips and FAQs for attending your first WILMA event. Still unsure about something? Please reach out and send us a message through our contact form! We look forward to answering your questions.

Tips for your first visit

You are welcome to take part in any event, whether it's your first time or not!

Don't worry if your not out yet. Wilma is a safe space to get to know the community and exchange ideas in a relaxed way. If you are unsure, feel free to write to us.

If you send us a message beforehand, you are very welcome to meet our team about 30 minutes or 15 minutes beforehand to get to know us better in a relaxed atmosphere.

To make it especially easy for you, you can also attend one of our "Kennenlernabend" icebreaker evenings, which take place about twice a year for new and regular visitors.

Can I bring someone with me to WILMA?

If you find it difficult to come alone, you are welcome to bring a friend who fits Wilma's target group. It is important to us that Wilma is a safe space for women-loving women* and non-binary people.

If you would like to bring someone who does not belong to our target group (e.g. male, over 27 or under 18), please write to us in advance via our contact form and we will see how we can get to know you depending on the event.

What do we do at WILMA events?

Most of the time we chat, play games together, watch movies - and take part in a range of different activities that will be announced beforehand on the event page. Take a look at our schedule to see what we have planned next. You will also find a small selection of photos from our events here.

What can I expect when I arrive at a meeting?

Since many people arrive a little later, there are a few small discussion groups at the beginning before things really get going. If you're there for the first time, just ask for our team (you'll usually recognize us by our printed name tags) and we'll introduce you to the group and make sure you get integrated. Usually once everyone is there, we do a little round of introductions with our names, pronouns, and a fun question like "What's your favorite summer drink?" or "What’s your favorite thing about fall?".

Can you just drop by?

Yes! That’s exactly how it works. You can always just show up to an event of your choice. It doesn't matter if you have been with us before or if it's your first time. There are sometimes exceptions for meet ups that can only accommodate a limited number of guests, for example when we go bowling. If this is the case it will be announced beforehand in the event description here on our website.

Do I have to be on time or can I come late?

You can come later to normal events at the café or youth center. Of course, if an event is outside, that's not always possible as we may change locations once everyone is at the meet up point. If an event must start at a certain time it will be explicitly written in the event description. If you are able to make it at the start of the event we usually do a short round of introductions for everyone after about 20 minutes.

Do i have to pay for the events?

Normally we do not charge an entrance fee for our events. There may be occasional costs, for example when we host a cookout together or go bowling. You will always find out if we cover the costs or if a small contribution or donation is required in the event description.

If the participation fee prevents you from being able to join the event, please contact us! In this case diversity may be able to pay part or all of your participation fee. The best way to contact us is via our contact form here on the website. Your communications with us will, of course, remain confidential.

How do I get to the youth center or cafe?

The youth center is located at Blumenstraße 11 and can be easily reached on foot from Marienplatz (S-Bahn, U3/U6) as well as from Sendlinger Tor (U1/U2/U3/U6). Right in front of the door is the bus station Blumenstraße (52/62) and around the corner the tram stations Müllerstraße (Trams 16/18/37/38) and Reichenbachplatz (Trams 16/18).

Note: sometimes we also meet at diversity café. It's right around the corner from the youth center, at Blumenstraße 29.

Are queer, non-binary or trans people also welcome?

Absolutely. We welcome everyone who wants to get to know our youth center and us as WILMA. It doesn't matter if you are queer, trans*, non-binary, bi, pan or lesbian.

If you don't feel addressed by our group, you can also drop by at the other diversity offers, e.g. at the enBees (for non-binary people) or bi.yourself (for bisexual people).

I'm not sure if I'm really a lesbian or if I like women (too).

Who's sure about that from the start? Come by and get to know us. We won't ask you about your sexual orientation when we greet you, and since we're a recreational group, not a support group, we're about a lot more than just being queer. In a relaxed, unprejudiced and pleasant atmosphere we offer you a safe space to get to know yourself and your possible sexual orientation. You can exchange ideas with other visitors and simply take part in our events, over time you will realize if you are interested or not. Undecided/unlabeled people are very welcome as well!

Who is WILMA for? How old can I be?

WILMA is aimed at 18 up to and including 27 year old women-loving women* and non-binary people. If you are under 18, you are welcome to join the JuLes.

What is the difference between JuLes and Wilma? Do I have to decide?

JuLes is aimed at 14 to 19-year-old lesbian and bisexual girls*. From the age of 18 and upwards, we are your place to go.

Where does the name WILMA come from?

Wilma is a character from the children's novel "Die Wilden Hühner" by Cornelia Funke. She discovers that she finds girls "very interesting" and eventually comes out to her friends as a lesbian.

But what about outing myself? I'm not out and I want to stay that way for the time being.

Our youth center is a safe space. No one is outed here, no pictures of you appear in public, we don't show your name or anything that relates to you to the outside world.

Get drinks cheaper and support diversity as a member

As we receive funding for every member, we are always delighted when we get new members. For you, this means that you get a discount on all drinks, for example. Simply ask one of our organizers when you are at the youth center where you will find the membership form. Fill it out and you're already a diversity member - don't forget to hand it in again!