Eindrücke der Wilma und Veranstaltungen

Pictures of WILMA and WILMA events

Your privacy is important to us. When we take photos of our events, we make sure that all group members in the image consent to having their picture taken and posted online. We never take photos without asking in case someone is not out yet or just doesn't want to be seen on the internet.

The Wilma team at the 2023 anniversary

Wilma & bi.yourself hike 2023

Wilma pumpkin carving 2023

Wilma Queer Book Evening 2023

Wilma beer and wine tasting 2023

Wilma milk alternatives tested in 2023

Wilma pumpkin carving 2022

Wilma watches Princess Charming 2022

Wilma meets at the Isar 2022

Action Painting

Hipster bags