Wilkommen bei den enBees!

Die Gruppe für alle nicht-binären Personen bis 27 Jahre

Summer Camp - ausFlug

Once a year (since our first trip in 2021) we organize an summer camp - the perfect opportunity to get to know other non-binary people and to spend a nice weekend together.

Whether it's going swimming in a protected setting, singing around the campfire, cooking together, or late night talks - this trip is bound to be a memorable experience for everyone.

If you are between 14 and 27 years old and identify as non-binary, do not identify within the binary gender spectrum or question your gender identity and are ready for a lot of fun, do not miss this weekend. You will find all the infos about this year's trip here.

ausFlug 2023

Hey enBees,

the time has come again! It's time for an ausFlug. This year we will go to Geiselhöring near Straubing.
Here you can find anything the enBee-heart desires. Forests and lots of green, and it is also not far till Straubing.
From 17nd till 20th August we will have plenty of time for deep talks, games and relaxing together.
You can choose the amount you pay according to your financial capabilities, anything between 35€ and 55€. Accommodation, meals and all our adventures are included.
If you can't take part at our event because of the registration fee, please contact us! In this case e.g. diversity can cover parts of or the whole fee. You can reach us best via our contact form. We will of course treat everything confidentially

You can sign up for the summer camp here: https://events.diversity-muenchen.de/enbees/ausFlug2023

We're looking forward to a fun trip with you!
Your enBees-Team