Our consultation hour from young queer people for young queer people

Your anonymous and direct connection to chitchat and get in touch through diversity München

Our Offer

"queer-to-queer" is a low-threshold offer from the queer youth for the queer youth taking the shape of an anonymous open hour on the phone. That is to say queer-to-queer is a project full of peer-to-peer work!

During our consultation hours, all young queer people are welcome to call us and talk to one of our team members. It is up to you, whether you just want to chitchat, talk about a specific topic (like your coming out, friends, school, or college), or have questions about diversity's activities.

Our offer is completely free of charge. All you need to pay is the phone charges for a local call to Munich or you just call on a flat rate.

If you cannot afford to call us, feel free to use our free of charge call-back service. This is fully anonymous and happens without judgement:

  • You can either make a short call during our open hours and ask for us to call you back (you will need to pay for the quick first call, though) OR
  • send us a message with your phone number and a time bracket for when you're free through the contact form below and we will simply call you back during that time slot.

Get in touch:

by prior arrangement by email to queer2queer [at] diversity-muenchen.de