DINOs Munich

Welcome to the DINOs

The group for everyone from 27 to 32, whether gay, lesbian, trans* or bi.

About us

The DINOs are a transition group for LGBT* people from 27 to 32. We welcome all genders and sexual orientations. The aim is to offer our visitors who exceed the age limit of the other groups another transitional period. Meet new people, stay in touch with old friends and have fun at our events!

We meet once a month at the diversity youth centre at Blumenstraße 11 (please note that there may be different venues in the calendar).

We offer you a wide range of events. From sports, food & drink to art & culture. Cooperation with other groups is also part of the programme.

Interested? Then come and visit us or send us a message!

As our group exceeds the age limit of 27 years, we have to point out the following rules when you visit us:

  • We are self-financing. Sustaining memberships are always welcome, but you are also welcome to support us with small contributions or donations.
  • You cannot participate in age-limited events of the youth centre (diversity bar etc.) even if you are a DINOs visitor (exception: CSD).