JUNGS München


Learn more about our 30 years of activity and history



"Die JUNGS" were founded in 1990 as a group for young gay and bisexual men up to 27 years. Originally, the group name was spelled "J.U.N.G.S." and stood for "young and not according to sexual norm" (in german). At that time, the group still met at Sub München and was supposed to help its visitors find their identity and give them the chance to meet similar-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.

From the beginning, common leisure activities included bar, film and game evenings as well as outings such as billiards, mini-golf, night hikes and many more. In addition, from the turn of the millennium onwards, there were the first leisure trips, for example to Prague or Vienna, where they also exchanged ideas with other youth groups. In 2007, the JUNGS, together with other queer youth groups in Munich, became part of the umbrella organisation diversity München and moved into the newly opened youth centre. They are still a permanent fixture there today and organise one bar evening per month.

Over the following years, the range of leisure activities has been constantly expanded, with great emphasis on a balance of sports, culture and culinary delights. In 2015, the 25th anniversary of the JUNGS was celebrated with a big barbecue. In addition to the visitors, the other diversity groups, many alumni and representatives of the city were invited.

With the growing roots in the association, there is now more cooperation with the other groups of the youth centre, with whom we maintain a friendly relationship.

In 2020, our 30th anniversary unfortunately fell victim to the pandemic. Therefore, we are looking forward to the 33 anniversary.