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International Weeks against Racism: The Rainbow has more than 6 Colours – Poster series about important queer People of Colour

In 2022, The International Weeks against Racism are taking place from the 14th until the 27th of March. The goal of The International Weeks against Racism is to create a humane and welcoming world, to counteract fear and prejudices towards minorities and to remember the people who have been victims to hate crimes. The International Weeks against Racism take place in the month March of every year and bring with them a number of projects and events in Germany and worldwide.

diversity München’s contribution this year is a series of posters, which can be seen by visitors and passer-by’s in the diversity youth centre and at the diversity Café. In our poster series, we introduce you to ten queer BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), who played and are playing an important part in the history and present of the LGBTQIA* community.

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