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Wilma: Wilma & enbees Karaoke

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Wilma & enbees Karaoke

  • diversity Jugendzentrum, Blumenstraße 11 80331 München
  • Friday, 19. July 2024 19:00 - Friday, 19. July 2024 22:00

Whether you like to sing loudly, quietly, alone, in a group, with or without a singer, there is something for everyone! You are welcome to choose your own music and let your voice shine. This time the enbees and Wilmas will sing together, because the more people, the more fun!

To make the evening even more enjoyable, the Wilmas and the enbees will provide you with drinks behind the bar at the usual low prices.

Warning for people with sensory issues: The evening will be loud. You are welcome to retreat to the group room. Please remember to bring Oropax or contact the team if you have any problems.

The Wilmas & enbees are looking forward to a melodic and loud evening with you!